10 April 2006

The Sultan’s Elephant

4th – 7th May 2006 somewhere in London….

A couple of friends of friends are involved in this Royal de Luxe show/parade somehow. It was supposed to happen last year but after the bombings the powers that be were, understandably, a little skittish about letting it go ahead.

It has been all over the world and now, finally, it arrives in London. I’m really excited about this, the material from the previous show in Nantes
looks amazing. This is exactly the kind of large scale arts project we should be seeing in London. We need more projects which really try to engage with people rather than just critics or other artists. Projects which are ambitious and exciting. Projects which I'm looking forward to.

I shall be throwing the full weight of my enthusiasm behind this and I’m eagerly awaiting the updates and maps as they go live. I’ll also be rounding up a load of kids to take with me as mine won’t be born yet.

Bring on the Elephant!


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