21 April 2006

Elves in the Night

by Jerome Batson
When William and friends learn of the council’s plan of redevelopment they form an
eco-protest group to fight, with surprising consequences.
27 – 29 April 2006
Clerkenwell Theatre, Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE [here in fact]
£7 (£5 concessions)
Ticket reservations: 020 7274 4888

My good friend, and fellow table football muppet, Mr Batson’s latest work is bound to be as fabulous as
the man himself. Pick up a little culture then discuss it over drinks in CafĂ© Kick, almost opposite - what better way to spend an evening can there be? I ask you. I’m going and I rarely leave NW2. You'll come? Hoorah!

Important, but smally fonted: This show is part of a double bill with Daddy's Girl by Yvonne Wickham, directed by Clare Randall. So you could enjoy a veritable extraganza of new theatrical talent - the best kind according to Lady Froosh of Bamboo.

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