07 April 2006

Macmillan New Writing

I’ve decided that I think Macmillan New Writing is a good thing, as opposed to a terrible thing.

I felt this when the scheme was first launched but wondered how it would turn out. I felt it particularly strongly because most of the people moaning about it were either published or publishers, too busy concentrating on stamping on the fingers of those on the many rungs of the ladder below them to think how the squashed fingered amongst us might feel about this.

The first books are out
, which must feel amazing for the six published. I can only hope that they are the work of people who have never published before, people who don’t know anyone in the industry (or anyone who knows anyone) and people who can’t afford to do an MA in Creative Writing. I can hope this because I’m too scared to find out – I’ve only got a couple of intact fingers left.

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roger said...

Hello there. Thanks for posting something about MNW - and something positive at that. Yes it does feel amazing. When I submitted my manuscript (by email) I didn't really have much hope that it would be picked out, I'd had too many rejections, including a few near misses, in the past. I've never done an MA in creative writing. Funnily enough, I thought about it part time at Birkbeck a couple of years ago. I thought my writing was going nowhere and felt I needed something external to give me a sense of direction. I decided against it mainly because I couldn't justify the expense (I've got a wife and two kids and it would have meant a lot of sacrifices all round). Anyhow, I decided to write Taking Comfort instead. Glad I did!