02 May 2006

Local elections

I am minded to believe that you should vote on local issues in local elections, rather than bloody the nose of the government at the expense of a lot of councillors who want to do a good job for their communities. But sometimes, happily, you can have your political cake and eat it.

Once upon a time the Froosh lived in quite near Queens Park, when it wasn’t the four wheel drive infested nanny exploiting Notting Hill sluice pipe it is now. I rented a flat which was owned by a Labour councillor. Let’s call him Marmoset Jenkins. It was in a house that had been badly converted into two flats. Marmoset owned the whole house.

Although this property was Marmoset's registered address, allowing him to stand in the ward, he didn’t live there. He lived in another ward entirely. Although the property had formally been divided into 2 separate flats, we had our own gas and electricity bills, each flat paid half the council tax bill, which suggested as though all the tenants lived in the same house. How mysterious. How dishonest. How Nu Labour.

So, given that Sarah Teather seems to be doing such a great job, which suggests that she’d do an even better one with the council behind her, I shall vote Lib Dem. Along with most of Willesden Green if the posters in windows and placards in gardens are anything to go by. You could be forgiven for thinking that 'Lib Dem Winning Here' was an extraordinarily busy estate agent.

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crispy said...

but you cant vote for sarah
she has spiteful eyes
danger danger
spiteful eyes sarah
i bet she once
killed wasps
for fun
may be wrong
i could be right