10 October 2006

Yar boo sucks

I can’t be bothered today. I think I am tired.

I used to get very annoyed with parents when they described their badly behaved offspring as ‘over-tired’. No, I would think to myself, they are just being a little bastard. It’s because they are evil, not because they are over-tired. It turns out that there is such a thing as over-tired. Who knew? BB gets over-tired at tea time when she has only had a 45 minutes power nap in the morning and refused to go to sleep for the rest of the day. Over-tired mainly involves a lot of loud growling noises and bursts of shrill crying. Occasionally there are bouts of kicking followed by some intense wriggling.

I think I am over-tired. I’m going to lie on the floor and make harsh sobbing sounds until someone picks me up and gives me a cuddle.


Popplestone said...

A cuddle? From THAT end of the office???

Good luck

"The other end of the office"

Froosh Bamboo said...

Is that an invite to come down there then? Are there cuddles down there? I'm not coming all the way down there for nothing. Again.

Popplestone said...

Since I'm on vacation I can't really speak for the cuddle-readiness of the web team. But when the alternative is being cuddled by "Life in tunnels" I figure they're worth a stroll.