05 October 2006

Kindness overwhelms (still) young blogger

Crikey, this blogging is a marvellous wheeze. Shortly before nine am I post that I want the new Scissor Sisters CD. At quarter to three I receive a call from reception saying there is a package for me. At five to four I can no longer resist temptation and open package. Inside is the new Scissor Sisters CD and card signed by my most esteemed colleagues.

They are all gorgeous and I thank them. There might even be kisses.

I have just spent the last few minutes trying to think of something else I want but it’s been to no avail as I now feel as though I have everything.

Except a Suitable Coat.


Anonymous said...

Re. Kisses

I wish I was one of your colleagues.

Popplestone said...

Anon - no, you don't. Seriously.

Trust me on this one.

- Regards from the other end of the office