03 October 2006

I like watching the whole programme

If you watch Spooks on BBC1 and not on BBC 3 I shouldn’t read this post if I were you. Which I’m not and besides that I’m writing it so I can’t help but read it. At least once on the way through.

Anyway, this is a little bit of filler to reiterate that if you don’t know what happens in the episode of Spooks that was on BBC 3 last night at 10.25pm, you may know it as The Episode After The African Summit Episode, and don’t want to know click away. Go here. Or here. But don’t read on.

So. Can you believe it? That they have gotten rid of Ruth, I mean. The bastards. She has gone somewhere mysterious to pine for Harry because she was framed for something complicated and then I missed a bit and something else happened and Hermione Norris’ character whose name escapes me was a bit mean which was quite sexy and then there was a plastic bag on someone’s head and some shouting and now Ruth has gone.

It’s Roz. The Norris character. I’ve remembered. I find her oddly attractive but this is not really relevant. Although I imagine Hermione Norris will be fascinated to learn that I’ve described her as oddly attractive. And thrilled too. Probably very secretly.

The real reason I love Ruth though, and possibly Spooks, is because I had a little play on at Soho Theatre, quite close to London's West End, once upon a time and Nicola Walker, who plays Ruth, was in it. And she was exactly perfect, just how the character played in my head. She seemed like a very nice person as well and even bought me a pint which always goes down well. When I look back on my hideous foray into professional theatre she is the axis of one of only four good experiences. She’s much better looking in real life as well. Rather like me.

I salute you Nicola Walker. With both hands simultaneously.

But I am not so much enamoured of her that I am prepared to watch Touching Evil. Not even the fragrant Walker can scratch the diseased itch that is Robson Green.

Of course, thanks to the BB I never see any television really. I see a little bit of television, the back of the living room door, the carpet in the hallway, the bedroom door handle, the rails of the cot, the BB. All at high speed. Then if I’m lucky I do it all backwards ending in seeing a little bit of television. I attempted to watch Cracker on Sunday and I did see some minutes of it but couldn’t tell you if Robbie Coltrane was in it because I never laid eyes on the chap. I missed the end last night so it’s entirely possible that in the last minute Hary woke up, Ruth stepped out of the shower and it was all a dream.

I fervently hope so.

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