19 October 2006

Fun with solid food

I keep finding little smears of pureed organic root vegetable in unexpected places. This is not a usual occurrence. We are weaning. BB is in the 99.8th percentile height wise so we had to start her on baby rice three weeks ago, rather than waiting until the recommended six months, which was a bit stressful bearing in mine that she is not five months old until Sunday. It seems like only five minutes ago I was telling you she was four months old. Tempus fugit, etcetera .

Fortunately she has taken to eating like a happy little duck taking to water. She thinks that feeding is hilarious and enjoys a good chuckle half way through. Particularly if it is a vegetable she likes.

Thoughts on food so far include:

Baby rice is delicious. We are looking forward to moving on to fruit puree so we can have some alongside the rice. This will be like a Muller fruit corner, but without the nasty additives.

Potatoes are not delicious at all. They make us pull a funny face and purse our lips very tightly. We refuse to eat them.

Carrots are excellent. They are very tasty and also our favourite colour. Orange is marvellous and we strongly believe that more things should be orange.

Although sweet potato is orange we are not fooled for a second and can detect that the potato force is strong in this one. Not as bad as actual potato but not winning as many friends as the carrots.

Butternut squash is fantastic. A nice mellow shade of orange and a little bit sweet too. Delicious. Even better than carrots. Squash makes us giggle with delight and also wave our spoon around causing an enormous mess.

Swede is our absolute favourite, despite not being orange. We love the swede beyond all reasonable bounds. If we could eat swede all the live long day we would.

I don’t understand this swede thing. The swede is an evil, evil vegetable. Tastes like... I can’t think what. Hideous. As I say; evil. But she likes it. Next thing she’ll be liking apricots and curly kale. Gruesome. Give me a nice brussel sprout any day.

Never mind, we are doing well with the vegetables. Our doctor, who is also a mother of the gay persuasion, said her daughter would only eat butternut squash.

We do each vegetable in turn for two days and then stare anxiously at BB for any signs of adverse effects of said vegetable. Tomorrow it is parsnip (semi-evil) and then we begin the green vegetables on Sunday – courgette, broccoli and cauliflower. I know cauliflower is white but in our book (I recommend it, but only if you are weaning. It’s probably of limited interest to the general reader) the noble cauli counts as green.

Then, green vegetables dealt with, we can mix different purees together like potato, swede and carrot. This is called a medley. We can also give her fruit puree, as a pudding, or side order at breakfast. You have to do the vegetables first because they are savoury and some babies get hooked on the sweetness in fruit and then won’t eat the nasty swede. I don’t blame them as I am a fan of the sweetness.

Also, we keep the purees frozen in the traditional white ice cube trays. We have about three weeks in advance. They look fantastic all lined up in the freezer. Particularly the courgette which you leave the skin on. They look like little bars of soap. All organic from the nice organic shop on Harlesden Road where the man with the thickest glasses in the world works. Nice man. Blind as a bat.


Jack said...

This is clearly what my parents ought to have done with me as a baby and did not, with the result that I now only eat jam sandwiches and Frisps.

hurlock said...

see; orange is the way forward. I've always said so.

Froosh Bamboo said...

Jack - I don't think she'll be able to resist the power of the Mighty Frisp, I know I can't. Jam is alright though, jam is a fruit. Mostly.

I agree entirely, hurlock, more orange please. Everywhere.

And, hello new visitor to the comments box. Welcome

Peter said...

What a lovely diet! But doesn't she need some meat of some sort? (Not that I know very much.) But where I live, jam is mostly sugar, not fruit. Fruit is there, so as not to defraud the purchaser, but the first ingredient on the list is Glucose Syrup.

I promise to listen to your podcast the moment I'm less depressed.

Froosh Bamboo said...

Hello Peter - jam IS fruit. More specifically it is my 1 piece of fruit. Out of the 5. So you see, it HAS to be fruit.

Also, we fear the meat in my house so she will be a veggie until she asks for some meat, in which case she can have some but I'm not cooking it. I will poison her accidentally.

And, my podcast is my idea of a funny joke and will therefore depress you further. I'd steer well clear. I think you're too lovely to be depressed anyway.

Jennifer said...

My bean is just venturing into the world of foods. She HATES rice cereal thus far, and much prefers Sweet Potato. What is a Swede? Not the person, the veggie.

My friends think I'm nuts because I make my own baby food. I dared them to eat the crap in a jar.

Froosh Bamboo said...

Jennier - A swede is a yellow turnip, I think. They're like turnips. Some people call them rutabaga or something.

Quite agree about the jars. I like to know exactly what BB is eating. Unless she picked it up off the floor - then I'd rather not know.

jennifer said...

Ahhh, ok, it took me the better part of a year to figure out what a corgette was. I thought I would save myself the mental anguish. Thanks!