04 July 2006

World Cup (Re)Prediction

Woodlouse: We owe Froosh heartfelt apology.
Me: Yes?
Woodlouse: We give bad advice to Froosh and make her look like big arse on internet.
Me: I see.
Woodlouse: Comes to woodlice attention that hot tip for football load of old nonsense.
Me: Yes, it was.
Woodlouse: Have good excuse though. Want hear?
Me: Okay.
Woodlouse: Was part of tactic to make your England win. Divert mighty and tragic Froosh jinx to other teams, make them lose. But your England too stupid – also lose. Sense Froosh is watching.
Me: Well, yes.
Woodlouse: So, Woodlice have big conference last night. Decide that Germany will win cup beating Portugalon the penalties. Baby agree. Good, yes? Now Germans definitely not win, Portgual also jinxed.
Me: You know what? They’re not my England.
Woodlouse: Not anymore, huh? You say that last time. You still hopeful sucker though.
Me: That’s not funny.
Woodlouse: Ha ha ha. Laughing with Froosh not at.
Me: I’m not laughing.
Woodlice: You lot not laughed for 40 years. Ha ha ha. Suckers.


Anonymous said...

Are your woodlice chinese? I can not quite identify the accent...

Froosh Bamboo said...

I'm not sure. I will test their feng shui skills out tonight to double check. They are either chinese or from Planet Woodlice in the RTFEC 143 quadrant.

How come I have to log into my own comments box. You buggers. Do you not know who I am?