05 July 2006

Is it a plane? Yes, stupid, it is.

I am a fan of the big budget superhero movies, even to the extent that I tolerated Tobey Maguire as Spiderman with a minimum of fuss. But I do take issue with the new Cricklewood Broadway – it is horrifying. Look at him, flying away with that determined look on his face whilst a plane FULL OF INNOCENT PEOPLE plummets earthward. It’s behind you, you pantyhosed pissmidget, behind you. Honestly, it doesn’t instil great confidence in the film where I imagine with will watch him fumbling L-trains off bridges like bars of soap and allowing Lois Lane to slip through his mighty fingers at 20,000 feet.

I would link to the official site but someone obviously thinks there’s not enough pointless flash in the world and it won’t work. Stop with the flash already. So, go here to watch the big butterfingers in the trailer instead. Oops.

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