12 July 2006

A Surfeit of Squirrels (6)

Squirrel: I’ve told you before, haven’t I. Leave the nice Froosh alone. She doesn’t want you lot messing about with all her stuff.
Me: No, I don’t.
Squirrel: They’re all right really, they’re just a bit over tired.
Me: Right.
Squirrel: Funny, isn’t it? You’ve just had a baby. We’ve just had several.
Me: Yes. I’m so pleased for you. Really. Delighted.
Squirrel: Yeah, thanks. They’re a nice bunch. Bit lively but squirrels will be squirrels, eh?
Me: What’s the matter with that one? Why is it doing that with its tail?
Squirrel: What? Shaking and twitching like that, you mean?
Me: Yes. It's scaring me.
Squirrel: Oh, he’s just showing off about something. He’s a bit moody, that one.
Me: I see.
Squirrel: I’ll get him home before he stabs someone.
Me: What’s he called?
Squirrel: Bastard.
Me: Bastard?
Squirrel: Yeah. He’s named after his grandmother.

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