30 June 2006

Froosh Outfitters (since 2006)

I’ve decided (wisdom = infinite) that I ought to promote this blog a little bit more. How else am I going to get to give up work and lay around the house all day eating custard cream and plotting the downfall of the squirrels?

So, to this end (mostly the lying around, not the squirrels so much) I have decided to launch a special promotional
t-shirt, which will be the first garment in the extensive range of clothing from Froosh Outfitters. I hear tell of other more famous and shiny bloggers who have got all manner of merchandise and paypal accounts, so I will be leaping enthusiastic on that particular bandwagon. Unusual for me – often I find myself lying behind the bandwagon with tyre marks across my chest.

You may buy the t-shirt
here, but I have managed to persuade some major outlets to carry it and I’m pleased to say that it’s being pushed really heavily in some shops. I’ve also managed to secure some amazing celebrity sponsorship.

Even more exciting is the Froosh Convention 2006: Bend it like Bamboo which is being held in
Gelsenkirchen tomorrow. It’s going to be a really exciting opportunity for people to get together and share their stories about how the Miracle of Froosh ™ has touched their lives.

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