29 August 2006

Smoking, it's bad for y'all, y'all.

Heaven help us all. Trugnugget is giving up smoking. You wouldn’t believe the tantrums. Poor chap is trying all the possibilities. Patches, gum, those funny stick things that look alarmingly like tampon applicators. Sadly, he was using them all at once to speed his kicking the habit– no surprise then when he experienced a tragic nicotine overdose and vomited. He really is quite quite stupid.

I, myself, “gave up smoking” a couple of years ago, (three was it? Can’t remember*) and didn’t use any crutches at all. Just stopped puffing on the old cancer sticks.

I did however find this tally very useful (scroll down almost to the bottom, it’s on the right). I think it the combination of seeing his numbers going up on naked blog, seeing the boggling saving of stopping, and knowing that out there someone else is giving up as well.

I have advised Trugnugget of this and I imagine he is there now, huddled shivering and petulant over his PC counting out pennies and other small change trying to count in the right order above 4. It’s 2 then 3, dear Truggers.

Of course, this good news for Trugnugget’s lungs is bad news for me – who shall I drunkenly bum cigarettes off now*, eh? Who?

*I am the worst ex-smoker that ever was. This is no reflection on the naked blog totaliser which remains, along with the rest of the blog, source of inspiration**.

**Is this a bit creepy? Are three links*** in one post too many? I don’t care.



Peter said...

You can never have too many links to Naked Blog. Glad you enjoy. Thanks for mentions.

Try Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking, where he advises not to think of stopping as "giving up", but "getting free". Worked for me.

lifeintunnels said...

I bought loads of those Drumstick sweets and chewed fiercely on them for a few months, which did the trick in terms of stopping regular smoking. And that was when I smoked Marlboro Reds (although I do still cave in while pissed).

Pub bore said...

I went to a hypnotist and paid him £60 for a session several years ago. Half way through his hand touched my knee. I think. Maybe I imagined it. Not very dramatic, can't tell Oprah or Trisha or anything but...I don't know if it was the knee touching or the trying to avoid ever having to go there again, or having to save at least £60 before smoking again, but I haven't smoked since. People used to force cigarettes on people back in those days, so a friend of mine had a technique for dealing with persistent offerers: he would take one, say thanks and then crumble it up.

Froosh Bamboo said...

Having a baby is also a great way of giving up. A little extreme perhaps but very effective. Also works for alcohol. Mostly.